The Obstacle Avoider

September 30, 2016

In this article, we have featured a very interesting Innovation called “Obstacle Avoiding Robot” using WitBlox. Can you design a robot that can drive around on its own without crashing and getting stuck?

An obstacle avoiding robot is an intelligent device, which can automatically sense and overcome obstacles on its path.

Step 1 – Get ready with the blocks to be used for this project. You would be needing a Battery, Power, Motor driver, IR sensing and Invert modules


Step 2- Whenever the IR Sensor senses an obstacle, Motor 2 is switched off or else Motor 2 is always on. Thus when there is no obstacle, both the motor is on and the Robot moves forward. When the Robot encounters an Obstacle, Motor 2 stops while Motor 1 is still on. Therefore, the robot always turns in onedirection whenever it encounters an obstacle.


Step 3- Fix these Modules on your Robot body, and you are ready with an Obstacle avoiding Robot.


You have now built a robot that can automatically sense objects around itself. Isn’t that great?

Obstacle detection is primary requirement of this autonomous robot. Your robot can be now used in unmanned vehicles and military wars. As a future scope, you can also build it on a standing manner such that it resembles a human.


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