The Magicians Robot

October 04, 2016

Have you ever thought of driving a robot using a torch light and do you think it is possible?

Yes, we can by simply using a torch or even the flash from our mobile phones to drive the robot.

The working of the robot is very simple when light falls over the robot it will start moving and when you turn off the light it stops

Step 1 – Your amazing innovations box, WitBlox and the model robot is all that you would need for this project. Take out the battery, power, In out expansion, motor drivers and IR sensing modules



Step 2 – For our application of “Magicians Robot”, we are using Power block, Light/Dark sensor as Input and Driver with Motors as output.

Power + Light & Dark sensor + Driver & Motor 1+Driver & Motor 2


Step 3 – Working – Light/Dark sensor has a L.D.R sensor which senses the light / dark condition for starting and stopping of the motor. You can switch it to either light or dark sense as per your needs.


Step 4 – Try the assembly as shown in the figure and see the responses. To see it working, head over to our YouTube channel.


Amaze your friends with this project. Test it with Light as well as Dark sense and explore the possibilities with each of them.

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