Edge Detection Robot

February 25, 2016

I am very sure when we play with our remote control cars over some surface that is above the ground level like the dining table or the study table the car after going a distance falls down and there are high chances of it getting damaged , so I felt that I should do something that my car does not fall.

So to tackle this issue of mine I made the edge detection as well as avoiding robot, which senses the edge of the table and avoids it by turning away.

Steps to make your own edge detection Robot:

Tools & Electronics required:

Tools :

  1. DIY Board
  2. Cutter
  3. Double side tape
  4. Glue
  5. Printout



  1. Witblock modules :
  2. Connecting wires
  3. Battery
  4. Portable charger


Step1: I have made my own bat mobile car structure for this project. You can make your desired structure.

Step2: The modules should be connected in proper logical order for its working.

 Power module+ Fix.I.R module+ I.R sensor+ Expansion(IN&OUT)+ Drivers+ Motors

 Power module: It is used to supply power to all the modules

 Fix.I.R module+ I.R sensor: It senses the surface below it to start and stop the motors and                        when there is no surface below it, it does not move ahead and takes a turn avoiding the fall.

Expansion module: It is contains both  [IN/OUT] which is used for connecting multiple outputs modules.

Drivers: It is used for driving the motor.

Step3:Now, we need to attach this assembly in such a manner that the I.R sensor is at the positioned at the of the structure and facing downwards (as seen in the image).

Step4: Test try the assembly and see the responses


  1. The sequence of the modules connection should be proper, any changes may give a different response.
  2. Check if the wires are properly connected to their respective modules

Keep exploring and do check by placing the sensor at different positions of the structure

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