Witblox Mega

New Box primary2
New Box Secondary2Heat Modulein out ModuleDriver ModulePair of Wheels

Witblox Mega

₹ 2,500.00 ₹ 1,999.00

  • Electronics Blocks which you can connect to build DIY/Robotics projects
  • Play with sensors, light, sound, motors & and build awesome stuff
  • Build 101 cool projects using combinations of Witblox
  • No soldering or programming is required. Easy to plug & play
Product Description

If you like to make DIY/Robotics projects, WitBlox is an awesome tool to help you create cool stuffs. WitBlox contains Lego like Electronic Blocks like Power, Lamp, Buzzer, Motor, wheels, Distance sensor, Dark sensor & many more. You can connect these blocks to make any circuit logic for your Science /Robotics projects like Line Follower Robot, Magician’s Robot, Edge Detecting Robot, etc. No soldering or programming is required! A DIY making guide is provided for making 101 projects. You can also join our live maker community and keep building amazing stuff. o the question now is ‘What can you make’

WitBlox Mega Kit comprises of following modules:

1)Power Module

2)In/Out Module

3)Dark Sensor Module

4)Invert Module

5)Distance Module

6)Buzzer Module

7)Lamp Module

8)Pair of Driver Modules

9)Pair of Motors

10)Pair of Wheels



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